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 Back to Eden Gardening Method

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Back to Eden Gardening Method Empty
PostSubject: Back to Eden Gardening Method   Back to Eden Gardening Method EmptyWed Jan 30, 2013 7:34 am

I recently watched the documentary Back to Eden, which outlines a gardening method that sounds similar to lasagna gardening. The main idea is layering good quality compost on the soil and then topping that with a layer of untreated wood chips. The key is *not* to till the garden in the Spring and/or Fall, but to continue to add a layer of compost and a layer of wood chips at the end of the growing season. By maintaining a "cover" on the soil, it becomes soft (without tilling), nutrient rich, keeps weeds down, and maintains its moisture (thus having to be watered far less).

I hope to experiment with this method starting this summer. Has anyone here gardened successfully this way?

The film (1 hour 43 mins) can be watched free here:

The film has a bit of a religious overtone, so if you are bothered by that sort of thing, this is fair warning.

There is a video FAQ section on the Back to Eden site here:

I also found a YouTube channel by a fellow who has posted many of his conversations with Paul Gautschi, the gardener featured in Back to Eden.

Happy gardening! cheers
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Back to Eden Gardening Method
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